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Sugar Mill Conveyor Chain


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Sugar Mill Chains

We produce several type of Sugar Mill Chains

Bagasse Carrier Chain: with offset type plated to improve impact resistance.

        It is designed for long and fast conveyors. The component's materials are carefully selected to withstand wear and shock loads.

        Attachment:  A22, A42, C-wring attachment.

Cane Carrier Chain: Used for cane carrier, cane feeder and cane elevator

       Larger roller type to reduce impace and decrease friction.

       The chains are manufactured with great diversity of component's material & design to reach ultimate tensile strength.

       Attachment: A2, A42, K1 Attachment.

JOHNSON has rich experience to develop sugar mill chain according to the working environment of users.

1: Investigate and analyse the conveyor line of users

2: Presenting draft drawing for customers approval.

3: Produce sample and test it.

4: Analysing problem & study ways for improvement.

5. Optimizing design

6. Vibration/Impact tests

7. Analysing problem & study ways for improvement.

8. Producing chains

9. Running test for fatigue and wear for adjusting.

10. Constructing mass production.

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